Saturday, 21 April 2007

Fuel Pump

I "restored" the fuel pump, probably 18 years ago, with seals and diaphragm and re-restored it last year with new points.
Finally fitted it today.
Then took it off again as it would get in the way of fitting the Spax shocks. The Spax kit was purchased for Jemima but used on a different Midget for a while, hence they don’t look pristine.

With the shocks and the fuel pump on, I bought some hose and copper pipe from the local Strand Motor Spares shop and plumbed in the pump ready for testing. The output was directed into a 5l container.

The tank was drained of a few litres of storage oil and re-filled with petrol/diesel mix I had handy from a recent event at the local garage.
30litres of unleaded was added accidentally to my daily diesel runner, fortunately it was fairly empty and I spotted my mistake while reading the advert on the filler handle. At the end of the advert was the word "unleaded" in SMALL letters. Oops...

Anyway it has come in handy to clean the inside of the tank and test the fuel pump.

Fuel pump didn’t work until the usual light tap with a hammer. Rather disappointing but I guess to be expected after 20 years. It clunked away for ages and starts every time now.

When I thought I had finished with the work for the day I found that the tank was still draining slowly through the pipe. I would have thought the pump would have stopped the flow but it doesnt. Had a big puddle on the floor before I spotted it and raised the level of the end of the pipe.
Drained the tank properly again now.