Saturday, 27 October 2007


Last weekend I fitted the windscreen wipers, took about 5 minutes plus 30 to clean then up first. Pleased with myself I retired to the couch.

The hood header rail has now been painted. So a new hood was bought from and as part of the "Is it finished yet?" chat I mentioned the lack of bolts for the upper damper mounts. A pair of High tensile bolts were swiftly produced. I keep forgetting he has a good stock of fixings in the back, saved a special trip to Namerick.

The holes were not actually that bad, two sweeps with a file and it was OK. The dampers are now fitted. It isn't the best conversion kit but it works. The brake hose is a bit close to the damper.

The bracket inside that supports the upper mounting point is not a good fit on this car so has an extra few fat washers to fill the gap.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Measure twice drill once

Or not in my case.

The front telescopic damper, upper mounting points, don't line up very well with the holes in the inner wheel arch. Shame really, more drilling required.

Also the brackets that bolt onto the lever arms don't quite touch where they should. I have some thick washers now from B&Q that will do the job of filling the gaps but I've lost the bolts that hold this bit together.

Another trip to Namerick is required.

All this week I have been de-rusting the hood header rail ready for the new paint and hood. It isn't quite fully rust free but its close! I've now painted it in the blue rust killer stuff ready for the primer.

Not much really... and winter is coming.. it'll be cold in the garage soon.