Sunday, 23 September 2007

Further on down the drive...

Found that the brake light switch was loose hence the brakes needed bleeding all the time.
This time, pressure seems to be holding, although all the wheels seem to be binding slightly.

So we went for a spin up the drive and back. The first journey out of the garage under her own steam for 20 years.

Now all I need to do is...

fit the hood
Sort out the front dampers.
cure lack of brake lights
binding brakes
dicky left main beam
Windscreen wipers and washer
dodgy door fitting
speedo cable
Wire wheels
still more stuff I've probably forgotten

Friday, 21 September 2007

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' ........... Not Stoppin'.

So the clutch push rod was filled with weld and a new 8mm hole drilled into it.

The hole was set nearer to the end than normal to push the clutch actuator lever away as much as possible. I might have overdone it, as it was a bit tight getting it to fit.

Engine started and warmed up, I got in, engaged gear, let out the clutch and away we went.


About 3 feet later I applied the brake and not a lot happened.

Next job then, bleed the brakes.


Sunday, 16 September 2007

Clutch dragging on

I bought a replacement starter motor recently - another bit of the original Jemima gone forever. But now it is fitted she starts every time without problems.
The problem now is the clutch.

I bled the clutch but I can’t press the pedal far enough in to disengage the clutch. It took me some time to remember the adjustments at the top of the pedal into the dual master cylinder. Memory like a 20 year old sieve.
With the upper adjuster rod adjusted fully out, I could now start the engine in gear and drive up the garage but I couldn’t start the engine and engage gear!

With thoughts of having to remove the engine and gearbox I retired to the lounge and had a few beers and watched TV for a week.

This weekend I had another look at the clutch problem and decided it could be the old pushrod. So I’ll take it to work (I leave my welder there these days) and fill the hole full of weld and re-drill.

Next weekend I’ll see what happens.

Garage door

I haven’t done very much on Jemima recently.

The local scum smashed my daily driver side window to get at the sat-nav I had stupidly left on show. Later in the week they smashed a neighbour’s rear window and then further up the street a windscreen.

Thoughts naturally turn to security in these troubled times and I wanted new keys for my garage doors anyway - and I also wanted the same key for both doors.
The local garage door provider and the local security firm couldn’t supply standard or improved door locks with the same key. A rummage through eBay didn’t help and a few supplier’s responded to questions with “they all have different keys mate”.

Then I found and the D613 Enfield Garage Door Bolts Keyed Alike for more than one Garage – excellent news and just the job.

The following weekend they were fitted. I should have bought the triple set then I could have fitted one to the Side door too.