Friday, 18 March 2016

Dual master cylinder leak

The master cylinder has a leak...Quite a bad leak now.

A rebuild kit was purchased.
A long drive to Scotland follows and had a look at the master cylinder.

It was bought "new" when the previous one would "stick".
The bores were a little bit rusty inside which had worn the seals.
The bores were chemically cleaned and smoothed out.

The seal kit was installed. It comes with new brake valve as well.
Not sure why the brakes need this valve and the clutch doesn't.

Bleeding both systems was proving difficult.. I needed to apply air pressure to the filler cap before the systems would begin to pump.

Front tyres also showed some wear... tracking probably out.
A little annoying as the tyres are no longer available and would otherwise have lasted another lifetime.
Castor and camber are also out on one side.. tricky. .