Saturday, 5 May 2007

Engine finally slots into place.

Got up early and wheeled out the car and removed the bonnet.

Played with the various hoist options and raised up the engine. Then thought it best to remove the gear lever!

With the engine tilted back what I thought would be enough,
the gearbox 'storage-oil' poured out of the back where the prop shaft would be. Naturally the angle of dangle wasn't enough, and the height the come-along would lift , wasn't quite enough either.

To help, the front tyres were deflated and the back-end jacked up. The engine was spun around and finally it was almost there. With another pulley added to the front to increase inclination the engine started to look as if it was going to fit.

With the usual amount of rushing about, pushing the car forward, lowering the engine, adjusting the angle, jacking under the gearbox etc it's now in.
Time to reward myself and sit back in the garden and read the paper. I'll bolt it all down later.