Sunday, 29 April 2007

The engine has moved...


The engine has moved from the back of the garage where it has been since we arrived here.

In the last house it was rebuilt in the conservatory. The head was modified for unleaded use by a company in Brighton who also gave it a rebore and supplied the pistons. I assembled it all with new oil pump and timing chain and all sorts of other stuff.

The gearbox was stripped and inspected a few months ago, a few things looked a bit loose so new bearings were fitted and they were just as loose, so that must be the way they are... I made a little mistake with the clutch plate as it was used to hold the mainshaft to undo a nut. A replacement was more expensive than I recall from the last one I bought. Ho hum.
I also seemed to have lost a spring, I'm convinced it wasn't fitted but It probably was and is on the floor somewhere. This spring isn't available from the shops but a friend of a friend came to the rescue and gave me one from an old 'box. Thanks Iain.

The Flywheel was covered in rust, as was the important part of the clutch cover plate. These were wire brushed as best as possible. Next time (ha!) I'll grease them before laying them up.

With flywheel and clutch fitted, the gearbox was added and all is ready for fitting.

Thanks to Russell for lending me his Haltrac engine hoist. All assembled and ready. Just need to get the wife out, to lend a hand removing the bonnet.

Other jobs today.
Bled the brakes again, now feels as good as new. Problem being the front offside is binding slightly. I'll ignore it for a while, hope it goes away. Also fitted the steering column seal. Best done as the steering column is fitted not as an after-thought several weeks later.