Sunday, 19 August 2007

Interior trimmed

With the doors and inside body waxoyled the trim could be attached and carpets fitted.

Some of the carpet is glued to the bodywork.

I started with Copydex on the RH wheel arch and found it didnt like being repositioning while I was adjusting the carpet, the LH wheel arch was done using Evo-stick Timebond which worked well but I used too much, so I then used a tin of aerosol carpet spray glue, on the "chassis" rails, which was easy to apply but again, didnt like being repositioned.

The rest was held on by the usual press-on fasteners.

The door panels were a bit awkward as the door had been fitting nicely since fitting the cloth weather strip. These panels fit so they close on the weather strip - so the door fit has been pushed out again. All the other panels fitted nicely and stay put using velcro rather than screws.

The seats had been recovered before we moved house - which means that was done about 8 years ago. The drivers seat was bolted in place and we were able to sit in her properly for the first time in 20 years.

If the starter motor had worked we could have tried to drive her!

Maybe tomorrow.