Tuesday, 27 February 2007


Went to Helsinki 3 times last week, didn't get very much sleep so feel rather jet-lagged. Consequently I haven't done very much.

I did have a look at the dashboard problem. It fits but not with the door seals fitted. So I had to bend back the door surround I bent a while ago to fit the door seals. More touch-up painting required.

Then found that the right angle brackets were "handed" which probably explains why they never fitted 20 years ago. The right hand one now fits but the left hand one is just for show.

I spotted a slight crack in the paint while I had my head contorted in the passengers footwell, so jabbed it with a chisel and revealed more rust! The inside footwell part of the "chassis" rails were covered in a surface layer of rust, last painted over 30 years ago by a mechanic with a new toy (mastic spray gun). It should be OK after a quick rub and a layer of rust killer.

I hope...