Saturday, 17 March 2007

Yamaha XT500

eBay are doing a "advertise your motor for free" weekend, so I thought I would advertise the motorbike.

I've had this bike for about 17 years and it was last taxed in 1994. When I last rode it the bob weights on the advance retard mechanism fell to pieces. It was still running though.

The dust sheet was removed and after a quick clean it began to look sell-able. Next I needed to start it. It hasn't run for a few years and each time I tried it would cough and splutter when the "easy start spray" was used. Petrol doesn't last forever so I started by draining the tank, It wouldn't drain, as the fuel tap was blocked, so this needed to be fixed. Then I realise the carburettor was empty, so it had to be dismantled. All the fuel, that had been inside, had turned to jelly blocking the main jet and float valve.

It still wouldn't start. So the timing was adjusted. Still wouldn't start except an occasional burst when started with "easy start" and a full throttle. Maybe the idle jets are blocked as well.

Having jumped on the kick starter about a thousand time I was rather tired so gave up.
Half an hour later, my leg was feeling quite sore, and my right foot began to ache. When I walk its like I have large thing in my shoe. I seem to have bruised the sole of my foot!

All this reminds me of the chap who sold me the bike. He was getting on a bit then too and found starting the bike was tricky with a bad back and a dodgy leg.
Sounds familiar...