Saturday, 6 September 2008

The Front Wire Wheels Get Started managed to get a set of front wire wheel hubs. An exchange was done in the return of the bolt-on kit. I’m feeling guilty now as I seem to have done too well out of the deal!

Unfortunately I spent the next few weeks either in Stockholm or fixing the fence which blew over in the wind.

Finally I was free to visit the garage and start the front wheels.
I removed the wheel and brake calliper and then undid the main wheel nut.
After a few wallops with the hide hammer it was obvious the wheel hub wasn’t coming off so I referred to the manual which advised a puller.
Darn – I had just taken it back to work.

A few days later the hub was easily removed with the puller. The inner bearing stayed on the stub axle as advised in the manual. The bearings were new so it could stay there and hopefully when the wire wheel hub goes on it will fit. Not sure what the oil seal will do…

The outer bearing was removed from one hub and fitted to the other. The wire hub then fitted to the new brake disc and all slotted back onto the stub axle and tightened.

The split pin is tricky to fit through the tiny hole and I now need a wire wheel dust cap.

Almost there, Now I just need to refit the brake calliper and the new wire wheel.

Easier said than done…